The Definitive Financial Advisory Ecosystem

Redefining TheInsurance Industry

InsPol.Online is a digital ecosystem that redefines traditional ways of quotation generation, policy handling and claims management in Singapore’s insurance industry. Our pre-integrated SaaS insurance solution also offers target marketing powered by AI.

Why Use InsPol.Online

It can be very frustrating for everyone in the insurance procurement, (Ecosystem between the Insured, Intermediary, and Insurer) when they are unable to reach out without having to relay to all parties. InsPol.Online facilitates real-time feedback exchange via encrypted communication channels, where the parties can link all parties under one request, without relaying the same message thru multi-channels.

The 4 Pillars That Comprise The Best Insurance Software “InsPol”

1. Unique quotation generator
2. Automation of handling policy issuance
3. Enhance customer relationship
4. One-stop customer service center

Our automate client services will assist your company in gaining a competitive edge by raising customer satisfaction. We aim to empower Insurers and Intermediaries to improve policyholders satisfaction.

With InsPol.Online, the Insured, the Intermediary, and the Insurer will enjoy these wonderful benefits:

Seamless Communications

Enjoy 24/7 seamless communication between all parties (Insured — Intermediary — Insurer)

Easy, Efficiency & Cost-Saving

Efficient operation for easy access to quotations, document submission and customer queries that translates into long-term cost savings for all parties.

Streamlined & Convenient

One View system for easy access to quotations, documentation submission and claims administration.

Wide Range of Products & Service Providers

Access to a robust B2B2C insurance market with a full range of insurance products and service providers.

Essential General Insurance CRM software for SMEs

Designed in view of business users, InsPol.Online offers all the key features with little to no training required for general use.

Our intelligent automation system transforms previously labour-intensive and time-consuming business processes into compact and efficient business models.

One application of machine learning in insurance operations is automated claims processing, even able to outperform experienced insurance executives in client servicing.

Compare Quotes Across Insurance Companies

InsPol.Online allows existing and prospective insurance policyholders to compare multiple insurance quotations for their consideration. The insured can quickly compare products, make informed decisions and get their quotation for their risk faster.

Customer Data Analytics for Insurance Industry

Our insurance CRM software converts your client purchasing pattern into valuable customer behavior insight. This predictive analytics is uniquely designed for insurance industry. Conversion rates, profit margin and customer retention rates will go up as a result.

One View

Document Management

One View Document Management

One View Document Management

The insured and insurance company can track and view important policy updates simultaneously.

Easy File Tax & Receipts

Easy File Tax & Receipts

Submission of tax forms and insurance receipts has never been easier. No training is needed with our how-to document submission step-by-step guidance.

Hassle-Free Claims Processing

Hassle-Free Claims Processing

Enjoy transparent and real-time updates to any ongoing claims processes. Uploaded documents pending for assessment can be viewed by all parties. Details of person in charge and additional information required will be updated regularly in one place.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Say goodbye to bulky paper archives. No more missing important client information. Our data process automation technology will help digitize and store your paper document in the cloud.