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Working in the insurance industry demands multitasking, mainly if you are doing it in a manual order. An insurance servicer requires keeping an eye on various things, including individual client/sales records and recording client policy information such as the effective/renewal date, policy period, premium, plan, and carrier.

With workload can be cut by 50%, leaving more time for everything else.


Works For Agents

How InsPol.Online Works For Agents

If you’ve ever struggled to find new prospects or clients, you’ve probably been stuck with more traditional avenues and posting to social media sites. You’ve probably also never had the opportunity to work from home and been expected to have tech-sawy. What if there was another way that was easier and more effective?

As the insurance industry modernises, many agents face huge workloads and significant problems caused by legacy methods and workflows. Some of the main issues agents face are:

Advertising and finding new clients and prospects beyond referrals or one-stop insurance sites.
Existing websites are insufficient for all the products available to the public.
Current workflows aren't 100% WFH ready, leading to high costs and complex setups.
Communications are over-reliant on email to chase insurers for quotations, replies or policy documents.
Networks, servers and applications are not continuously patched from any unauthorized access, creating security problems

The answer to these Issues is InsPol.Online, a fully digitized solution for insurance procurement and customer relationship management (CRM). Our solution provides telecommunications, a cloud platform, storage, and data centres with a workflow designed for insurance-related processes.

It’s easy to get left behind with regulatory and compliance requirements changing constantly. To stay competitive in this new era, companies need to do away with file servers and excel spreadsheets, or expensive built-to-fail software.

We pivot towards cloud-based solutions to help store client documents securely and safely.

InsPol.Online transformed the insurance industry with its unique client-centric approach. By creating a single, localized platform, connecting with insurers or consumers whenever you need from work, home and even on vacations.

How Are Policies Stored?

Managing insurance documents can be complicated. InsPol.Online uses algorithms to digitize all documentation, making policy storing and retrieving easier for you and your clients.

InsPol.Online employ machine learning Robots to help process Insurance information between all parties.

Our infrastructure makes it possible to keep policies safe and secure while communicating effectively.

Real-Time Viewing or Changes

At InsPol.Online, policyholders can view accurate, real-time policy information. It’s also possible to add an insurance endorsement to adjust coverage as requested.

Client also don’t have to wait for a confirmation after adding an endorsement or filing for a claim.

Instead, you’ll be able to see it in real-time, and the clients will see it from on the platform when the insurer approves the request.

Filing claims is getting easier than ever because insured can complete the whole claims administration from the InsPol.Online platform so that clients can track the process in real-time.

How Does Communication Work?

Agents can communicate directly with consumers over the dedicated InsPol.Online platform.

Any questions regarding policies and claims can be answered via dedicated phone line, chatbots, webmeeting or our proprietary Chat App.

Additionally, communication is possible through several other popular communication channels, like WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Agents get personalized alerts for policy anniversaries, while clients can send requests for endorsements, meetups, enquiries, or cancellations, all via the platform.

Compare Insurance Terms

Agents can compare terms and conditions between quotations for easier reference via a comparison table.

This table is also easily accessible to your client to ensure all parties are fully informed and can quickly compare coverage options at all times.

Clients value transparency and all parties involved should see the pertinent information, so we made that happen and brought the insurance agents to a higher standard with technology.

How Do Claims Work?

Agents can connect to the insurer to see the same page via our single, localized platform. Likewise, a single platform makes it easier for agents to reconcile claims, questions and policies in one easy-to-use site.

Dealing with insurance claims can be challenging and time-consuming. For example, a WICA claim typically takes Six months or more.

Additionally, if a client changes administrative staff, all progress is lost. On our platform, you’ll tell customers exactly what they need, and then they can Submit and verify these documents in real-time.

You’ll be able to follow this process and provide a claims history record for any new claims, renewal proposals, and quotations to new insurers, all from our user-friendly dashboard.

Claims Management

Our claims management software is a specialized planning system that automates employee data and budgeting to build optimal employee compensation packages and aid them in claim procedures. With countless innovative technology, the world is moving towards online, providing your clients with digital and mobile-centric experience is the best solution in today’s ever-changing world.

Reduces turnaround time, lowers operating expenses, and increases accuracy, hastening the processing and settlement of claims. Additionally, it improves case management, automates payment and calculation, and offers superior claim analytics.

Over the past few decades, countries like the United States have dominated international legal services. However, in recent years, the Asian market has risen rapidly. We are one of the leading CRM in Singapore’s insurance industry, with four fundamental pillars:

► Unique quotation creation
► Automated policy management
► Enhanced client management
► Best-in-class support for customer satisfaction

Why Do You Need Claim Management Software?

Our cutting-edge features benefit employers, injured workers, medical practitioners, and caseworkers by accurately capturing key documents and information.

Everyone involved in the claims case can access the information they need, and at the time, they need to act on it faster and easier than ever before.

Additionally, the injured worker receives more immediate information, which aids them in their recovery and rehabilitation. Many satisfied employees with the entire approach to injury or illness return to work 50% faster and at a 54% reduced cost.

What Makes Us Ideal For Claims Management?


We provide transparency of information. Speed, efficiency, and insight are some advantages of transparency.


Our software allows you to exchange information in real-time anywhere at your fingertips. This feature helps all the parties to be on the same page.

Audit Trail & Complete Transaction History

We provide an audit trail and entire transaction history for our users to track down. It is a very beneficial feature in case of irregularities, process breakdowns, and frauds.

Security & Confidentiality

The claims processes generate a vast amount of data. Our advanced CRM ensures that our user’s data is entirely secure.