For the Intermediaries

Insurance Policy Management System

An insurance policy management system for intermediaries, such as insurance agents, brokers, or agencies, is a software solution that facilitates the efficient management and administration of insurance policies on behalf of their clients. This system is designed to support the specific needs and workflows of intermediaries in their interactions with both insurers and policyholders. Discover the key features and benefits of an insurance policy management system for intermediaries

Key Features & Benefits

Client Management

The system enables intermediaries to maintain comprehensive client profiles, including contact information, policy details, coverage preferences, and communication history. It allows intermediaries to track and manage their client base efficiently.

Integration with Insurer Systems

The system can integrate with insurer systems, such as underwriting platforms, claims management systems, or billing systems. This integration enables intermediaries to access real-time policy information, submit applications, and track policy status without having to switch between multiple platforms.

Document Management

Intermediaries can securely store and manage policy-related documents, including policy contracts, endorsements, renewal notices, and correspondence. The system allows for easy retrieval of documents as needed and eliminates the reliance on physical paperwork.

Quoting & Proposal Generation

Intermediaries can utilize the system to generate accurate quotes and proposals for insurance policies based on client requirements. The system may include a quoting engine that calculates premiums and rates based on predefined rules and underwriting guidelines.

Communication & Collaboration

The system facilitates communication and collaboration between intermediaries, insurers, and clients. It may include features such as messaging capabilities, task management, and shared document repositories to streamline communication and ensure efficient collaboration among stakeholders.

Compliance & Regulatory Support

The system incorporates compliance features to assist intermediaries in adhering to regulatory requirements. It may include compliance checks, reminders for licensing and certification renewals, and tools to generate reports required for regulatory audits.

Reporting & Analytics

Insurance policy management systems provide intermediaries with reporting and analytics capabilities to gain insights into their business performance. The system generates reports on sales metrics, client retention rates, policy trends, and commission earnings, helping intermediaries make informed decisions and identify growth opportunities.

Policy Administration

The system supports intermediaries in handling policy administration tasks, such as policy creation, endorsement management, renewals, and cancellations. It provides an intuitive interface for intermediaries to navigate through policy lifecycle stages and perform necessary actions.

Commission & Compensation Management

Insurance policy management systems often include features to help intermediaries track and manage their commissions and compensation. The system allows intermediaries to monitor their earnings based on policies sold, premium volumes, and commission structures set by insurers.

Mobile Accessibility

Many insurance policy management systems offer mobile apps or responsive interfaces, allowing intermediaries to access policy information, generate quotes, and communicate with clients and insurers while on the go.

By utilizing an insurance policy management system designed for intermediaries, insurance agents, brokers, and agencies can streamline their operations, improve client service, enhance collaboration with insurers, and effectively manage their policy portfolios. The system acts as a comprehensive tool to support intermediaries in their role as trusted advisors to clients throughout the policy lifecycle.


Works For Agents

How InsPol.Online Works For Agents

If you’ve ever struggled to find new prospects or clients, you’ve probably been stuck with more traditional avenues and posting to social media sites. You’ve probably also never had the opportunity to work from home and been expected to have tech-sawy. What if there was another way that was easier and more effective?

As the insurance industry modernises, many agents face huge workloads and significant problems caused by legacy methods and workflows. Some of the main issues agents face are:

Advertising and finding new clients and prospects beyond referrals or one-stop insurance sites.
Existing websites are insufficient for all the products available to the public.
Current workflows aren't 100% WFH ready, leading to high costs and complex setups.
Communications are over-reliant on email to chase insurers for quotations, replies or policy documents.
Networks, servers and applications are not continuously patched from any unauthorized access, creating security problems

The answer to these Issues is InsPol.Online, a fully digitized solution for insurance procurement and customer relationship management (CRM). Our solution provides telecommunications, a cloud platform, storage, and data centres with a workflow designed for insurance-related processes.

It’s easy to get left behind with regulatory and compliance requirements changing constantly. To stay competitive in this new era, companies need to do away with file servers and excel spreadsheets, or expensive built-to-fail software.

We pivot towards cloud-based solutions to help store client documents securely and safely.

InsPol.Online transformed the insurance industry with its unique client-centric approach. By creating a single, localized platform, connecting with insurers or consumers whenever you need from work, home and even on vacations.

What Makes Us Ideal For Claims Management?


We provide transparency of information. Speed, efficiency, and insight are some advantages of transparency.


Our software allows you to exchange information in real-time anywhere at your fingertips. This feature helps all the parties to be on the same page.

Audit Trail & Complete Transaction History

We provide an audit trail and entire transaction history for our users to track down. It is a very beneficial feature in case of irregularities, process breakdowns, and frauds.

Security & Confidentiality

The claims processes generate a vast amount of data. Our advanced CRM ensures that our user’s data is entirely secure.