Seamless Claims Processing

Millions of insurance claims are filed by Singapore citizens every financial year. Verifying claims, waivers, coverage, restructured hospital documents, personal insurance, employers, and employees and identifying errors or misinformation can be cumbersome. Clients often seek to be fully reimbursed for their claim on the same day, for claims such as a hospital bill or day surgery.

E-Filing Insurance

Policyholders seek a smooth process while availing claims and compensations for their policies. Inspol has revolutionized the way how insurance claims are filed. We help obtain reimbursement for your claims in record time with cutting-edge insurance management and e-file technology.

Benefits Of Inspol.Online CRM Technology

Digital CRM Technology

At Inspol, we use Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”), taxonomy, and rule-based algorithms to simplify claim processing for the utmost benefit of the insurer. Additionally, Machine Learning and CRM technology enable us to enhance consistent customer satisfaction. CRM’s data-driven approach allows us to manage vast business-oriented affairs, waiver approvals, health insurance payments, etc., in record time.


From underwriting to customer service, we use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence for data extraction, collecting and arranging all data sets for claims management, integrated shield plan, customer service, and identifying coverage and payment approvals on behalf of insurers. Automation also significantly reduces errors in claims processing in comparison to the paper filing approach of legacy systems.

Instantaneous Processing

Speed matters when it comes to availing claims. The efficiency and speed of your reimbursement claim depend on the processing of the claim and a diverse array of other technical insurance factors related to your plan. We provide speed and efficiency in dealing with automated claims processing, remote data collection, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), among other solutions, to give our clients a positive claims experience.

Ease of Use

The traditional and analog approach to insurance claims, for example, private hospital bills, is often frustrating. It is bogged down by the legacy systems’ heavy data and documentation constraints or simply delays by the hospital staff. We have transformed claims processing by utilizing digital applications of required documents for a fast, simple, and satisfying experience. Detailed instructions even make it easy even for individuals not very conversant with the internet.


With the paper filings of legacy systems, your data can fall into the wrong hands. We offer better security and confidentiality for claims with our insurance management software than paper filings. Your hospitalisation claim, hospitalisation bill, medical records, and bills related to your insurance plan and the designated hospital won’t be accessible to anyone else by design or chance.

Superior Accuracy

Claims processing is a thorough and elaborate process. Claims get rejected if found invalid, forged, duplicated, or outside of policy terms. Data entry through paper filings is prone to human errors. With InsPol insurance policy management software, the claims processing task is done seamlessly and accurately to eliminate all forms of errors.

Access To Data

Insurers and intermediaries collect a wealth of data. Building and managing data and analytics becomes an inconvenient exercise with legacy systems. We use new analytics technology to enable insurers to use data in ways that had not previously been considered. We assist insurers in availing of the claim amount as soon as possible.

Do It Yourself

Now you can be individually part of the claim processing. Submit disability, family, healthcare, and employee insurance claims using our advanced insurance management software. It’s quick, easy, and committed to assisting you and providing additional information.