User Guide

A quick guide on how to navigate Inspol.Online member portal

Logging into InsPol.Online Member Area

Visit and log in with your credentials:


Once you are logged in, you’ll see your member profile.

My Policies: Viewing your policies and requesting for policy advice, cancellation, endorsements, and renewal

At the top right corner, you can hover over the green “Account” button and click on “My Policies” to see all your insurance policies.


You can click on respective policies to see the full details of each policy.


You can click on the “REQUESTS” button to request for policy advice, cancellation, endorsement, or renewal.


My Policies: Filing your claims

If you need to file a claim, you can click on the “FILE FOR CLAIMS” button.



My Policies: Uploading your "proof of payment" for your policies

On the policy detail page, you can upload your proof of payment by clicking on the “UPLOAD PAYMENT PROOF” button.



My Policies: Viewing your proof of payment

You can review your proof of payment by clicking on the “PROOF OF PAYMENT” button.


My Policies: Viewing your tax invoices

You can view your tax invoice by clicking on the “TAX INVOICE” button.


My Policies: Viewing your receipts

You can view your receipts by clicking on the “RECEIPT” button.


My Quotations: View your quotations, accept the quotation, upload signed documents, or choose another insurer to request for alternative quotes, request new quotation

Hover over the “Account” button and click on “My Quotations”.


Here you can accept the quotation you receive, upload signed documents, or choose another insurer to request alternative quotes.



Click on “New Quotation” to request a new quote:


Fill in and submit your info in the pop-up form and click “Submit”:


My Outstanding: Viewing and settling outstanding payments

To check your outstanding payments, you can hover over the green “Account” button on the top right and click on “My Outstanding”.


You can click on each outstanding item to see the details of the outstanding payment, so you can make the payment via PayNow and upload your proof of payment.


My Claims: Checking the status of your claims

To check the status of your claims, you can hover over the green “Account” button on the top right and click on “My Claims”.


You can click on each claim in the first column of the table to see the full details.


My Profile: Editing your profile, email, and password

As you scroll down the member profile page, you’ll have the option to edit your profile or your email and password.


When you click “EDIT PROFILE”, you’ll be able to edit your vehicle number, address, postal code, and contact number(s).


When you click on “EDIT EMAIL/PASSWORD”, you’ll be able to update your login email and reset your password.



Resetting your password on the login page

To reset your password on the login page, click on “Forget password”.

click forget password


Enter and submit the email you used for registration previously.

enter the email address during your registration


If the email you entered is not valid, re-enter the right email and click submit again.

re-enter and click submit

My Settings: Editing your company logo and banner

Miscellaneous: To edit your company logo and banner, you can hover over the green “Account” button on the top right and click on “My Settings”.